How to take charge of your diction and the use of words in media

The use of words and the correct pronunciation is key in producing engaging contents. When preparing for your presentation, you should prepare in a way that your audience will understand you clearly, not be offended and will be prompted to take action after presentation.

How to write engaging scripts for media presentations

Communication is the process of transmitting information through a medium. It can be verbal or non-verbal. When it comes to the media, presenters should take cognizance of some communication skills to effectively engage with their audience.

How to develop great contents for media presentations

In recent times, the media has become a tool for advocacy because it has the power to change narratives. It is important for advocates to be equipped to carry out effective advocacy using the media if they must see the change they desire.  

How to create great and stunning videos using your mobile phone

This is an explanation of how to use the mobile phone's audio and video editing apps that are included on any iPhone or Android device. You might think that editing videos and sound clips would be complicated, but it's surprisingly easy

How to call your audience to action and the power of emotions

Some use techniques such as "call to action" and "emotions" to elicit a desired response from a listener. When preparing for your presentation, you should prepare in a way that your audience will be prompted to take action after the presentation.

Street reporting and citizen journalism, how to capture every moment and safety tips.

Citizen journalists report events happening on the ground, rather than relying on the coverage of professional journalist. This reporting can be done by anyone with access to a camera and the willingness to share their story with the public.